Atlas Ministry

Atlas Ministry

Atlas Ministry

122 N. Main Street
Greensboro, Georgia 30642

(706) 453-0581

What's Included:

  • Daily Snack
  • Girl Talk (Biblical Answers to everyday questions)
  • One-On-One Tutoring
  • Weekly Mentoring
  • Monthly Homework Diner (Parents, Siblings and Mentor)
  • Daily Activities (dance, drama, exercise, games, sports, etc.)
  • Career Day
  • Special activities and field trips
  • College coaching and Career planning
  • Summer work program
  • Get Fit Friday

Our History:

On Christmas Day 2013, I sat and watched my daughter sing along with a 5-year old who was visiting our family. This little girl loves to sing, she loves to give hugs and she readily tells you “I love you”.  I believe that this little girl and others like her can have a bright future. It may take a little intervention, but according to Titus 2:3-5, that is what we as woman should be doing.

You see, my mom was really young when she had me. In fact she was only nineteen. Yet, she always encouraged me, she always told me she loved me and she always put my needs over her own.  She sang with me, she danced with me, she laughed with me and she believed in me.  She took her role as mom as a gift and never a burden.  Even as a little girl, I knew I was her gift.

My mom had what I call a village of friends who always encouraged me and made me feel empowered to be or do anything I thought I could be.  It is my heart’s desire to give every little girl I come in contact with the same kind of love my mom gave me.  Whether they are 5, 10, 15 or 20, I want girls to know they are special in God’s eye. I want girls to have someone to count on, who believes in them, who sings and dances with them, who laughs and hugs and is willing to put self aside and put them first.

For every little girl that needs it and every mom that needs a little help, there is a place for you, that place is A Place for Girls.  A place where love abides and dreams are nurtured.

Nesial Miller


A place where girls can learn, love and be loved.

​​Our Missionat A Place for Girls is to offer life changing relationships, activities and programs that empower girls to be their best self!

Our Visionis to provide engaging, encouraging and inspirational programs and activities that meet the needs of young girls in our community. We provide focus and support in the following areas:

  • The need to be loved, accepted, and believed in.
  • The need to know our identity in Christ.
  • The need for social skills and personal enrichment.
  • The need for better grades and educational opportunities.
  • The need for Leadership Development.
  • The need to be empowered to reach our goals in life.

Our goal isn’t to replace moms, but to offer everyone the love of Christ.

A Place for Girls is open Wednesday-Friday from 3:00pm-6:15pm at First United Methodist Church 202 W. Broad Street, Greensboro.​