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“The Christian Learning Center is an awesome class. We don’t just talk about God, we talk about world issues and personal issues. We learn to include God in our decisions and to make right choices. This is a life class, and it helps everyone find themselves.”  - Moravia Turner, 12th grader

“The Christian Learning Center means a lot to me. It has helped me in so many ways. It has got me closer to God. This is a great experience for people who think God has failed them. It made me see things another way. I feel closer to God than I ever thought I would be. Mr. Josh has made me feel wanted and needed here- to see everyone in this class as family. I love this center!”  - Na’Cara Devereaux, 11th grader

“It helps me with my trials in life. I believe if more people knew about this class, we could change Greene County or maybe even the change the world.” – male CLC student

High School Courses Offered

Family, Community & Careers      2014/2015
Current Issues                               2015/2016
Life Skills & Careers                      2016/2017
Comparative Religions                  2017/2018

Amber Carter, 10th grader Christian Learning Center Student


​“Honestly, this class has been a blessing to me. I thought I knew a couple of things before coming here and that my knowledge had a strong foundation. This class has taught me things I never knew. We learn in here, we really do. I know I do.  

It’s even better that I have it every day, five times a week! Whenever I’m having a bad day, coming to this class brightens my day. It helps me focus on what’s really important. If this class was taken away from me, my school days would definitely be harder. Deciding to join this class was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Can we really teach the Bible to public schools students? YES!  According to the U.S. Supreme Court (Zorach vs. Clausen, 1952) released-time education is legal if

  1. classes meet off campus
  2. classes and transportation are privately funded
  3. parents give permission for students to participate.

Currently we have:

  • 129 high school students studying the Bible, 5 days a week 
  • Four schools participating- Greene County High School, Lake Oconee Academy, Nathanael Greene Academy and Prep Academy.
  • GCHS- 21 students meet in three classes with CLC instructor, Marvin Smith
  • Lake Oconee Academy - 26 students meet in two classes with CLC instructor, Chad Swift
  • NGA- 35 students meet during the Fall semester with CLC instructor, Ralph Boswell; in the Spring semester 2016, we will add two classes with a total of 27 students taught by Ralph and Heather Boswell.  
  • Prep Academy - 10 students will begin classes in the spring semester taught by Marvin Smith.
  • Students receive an academic elective credit toward their GPA for this SACS Accredited class​

Christian Learning Center

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