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Atlas Ministry

Atlas Ministry

122 N. Main Street
Greensboro, Georgia 30642

(706) 453-0581

Atlas Budget for 2016


Targeted donations

Atlas Ministries welcomes all donations!  If you would like to target your donation to a particular ministry, please indicate that in the memo line of your check.  Here are some suggestions. Thank you for your support!

by check:

To make a donation to ATLAS, please mail your check to:  

ATLAS Ministry
122 North Main Street
Greensboro, GA 30642

*These figures represent annual operational costs on a per family, child or class basis.

Sponsor a CLC Class:  $12,000
​(Classes are 5 days/week for one school year)

Sponsor a CLC Student:  $1200/year

Sponsor a Grade Level of All Classes:  $12,000

​Sponsor a class each week for the entire year:  $5,000

​Sponsor one of our schoolwide assemblies:  $300

Sponsor a Family:  $12,000

​Sponsor a Child:  $5,000

​Sponsor a Life Skills Series:  $1,000


ATLAS Ministry uses the donations provided by you wisely and only 17% of the money donated goes to Overhead and Fundraising Expenses.