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# Births to Girls Age 10-19 in Greene County

HOPE: What Students are Saying

  • "It means a lot to me because it shows us the teachers care and shows they don’t just give up on students.”
  • “It made me think about the consequences of having sex before marriage.”
  • “It has made me think more about premarital sex and waiting longer to have sex.”
  • “It has helped me drastically change my way of thinking about life. I have made better choices.”
  • ”As I’ve gotten deeper into the class, I’ve realized that sex can really mess up our lives.” “Now I know how important it is to wait to have sex.”
  • “I thank HOPE for opening my eyes and helping me see the big picture.”
  • “I’ve learned what it takes to have a strong relationship so it can last.”
  • “I have taken a lot from HOPE classes. It has changed my thinking from sex being good and needed to sex not being needed and not normal until marriage.”
  • “I am learning what risky behaviors are doing to me and others.”
  • “The class means a lot to me to know that someone cares.”

When asked to summarize a video in a HOPE class at NGA, Cole, a 9th grade boy answers, "I think it means that your past shows up in your future.  All the decisions you make today have something to do with tomorrow."

"I have learned it is important to find out if you are really compatible with someone before thinking about getting serious."  Shaun Hardesty, GCHS 12th grader in Soul Mate Class


2015/2016 School Year

  • Continued character education program to help schools meet the new College Career Readiness Pathway Index (CCRPI) mandates of the GA Department of Education.
  • Continued relationships with all schools to provide HOPE classes in grades 1-12.
  • Expanded the use of the 7 Mindsets curriculum in all schools for Character Education.
  • ​Plans are in the works for Spring Seminars for middle and high school students that will focus on making healthy choices.
  • ​By the end of 2015-16 school year, the HOPE program will have reached over 1300 Greene County students.

Chandra has been teaching HOPE classes since 2008 and has a powerful story to share with teenagers. 

She reaches all 9th graders at Greene County High School through Health classes. The MATURE curriculum teaches the idea that "choices have consequences", basic life skills, the importance of waiting until marriage to participate in sexual activities, and also contains a financial management portion written by Jr. Achievement.

ATLAS Ministry Youth Initiatives … Striving for strong, healthy families living to their fullest potential

Through HOPE's Character Education in grades 1-2 and Sexual Risk Avoidance Classes in grades 6-12 we are...

  •  Helping students develop the needed grit and resilience to navigate life's ups and downs
  • Promoting the idea that all children have worth and are needed as a healthy and functioning member of our community
  • Continuing to lead students to make wise decisions in the areas of sex, drugs, and alcohol 
  • Helping teenagers understand the success formula:  Complete your education, get married, have children… and ONLY in that order
  • Focusing all ages on the premise that CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES

HOPE: Healthy Options for
​                Personal Empowerment